Why Go Virtual?

Virtually For You-Why Go Virtual

Think outside the box!! Or office! You don’t always need to pay the costs of having an employee sitting in the office with you! Online marketing services lend itself perfectly to “virtual” assistance.

  • Reduced costs of office space, furniture, office equipment.
  • ​No interviewing, hiring or training costs.
  • No costs of rehiring and retraining as you lose staff.
  • Virtual workers are always trained and ready to work! ​
  • No costs of benefits, worker’s compensation, etc
  • Virtual workers not limited to your office hours

“Employee overhead is substantially reduced. Basically, it allows small businesses like Chumeia Vineyards to operate like a larger company without the overhead costs. ”             

​                                                                         Kristen Nesbitt, Chumeia Vineyards

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