Digital Marketing Audit

I offer a  Digital Marketing Audit. I will review any aspect of your marketing program you are interested in having reviewed:

  • E-Mail Marketing: If you currently are sending out e-mails, I will review past e-mail efforts for design and and content. I will review any analytics you may have on past campaigns and help create a calendar if not already available.
  • Social Media: Review all social media platforms you are currently engaged with and review posts, images and insights available and make any suggestions on improving publishing, engaging and listening.
  • Website Design and User Experience: I will review your site and look at user experience, overall design and flow and shopping cart experience. Will look across desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Website Analytics: If you have Google Analytics or other analytics installed on your site, will ask for permission to view your account and create a report on visitors, referrals and general usage of your site. Report depth will depend on how your analytics are set up.
  • SEO Analysis: Review your site for organic search improvements.
  • Mystery Shop: Evaluate your physical business experience with mystery shops. You decide what aspects to “shop” and a full report is provided on each shop. (additional costs apply)

Let me know which areas of your DTC business you would like audited and I will contact you to get started!

You can immediately set up a 30 minute introductory phone call to discuss what you would like covered in the audit. If you have any questions before you set up the phone call, you can call or fill in the contact form below.

Audit Cost: $400



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